Preventing or Reversing Immunosenescence

Can Exercise Be an Immunotherapy?

Adriana L de Araújo; Léia CR Silva; Juliana Ruiz Fernandes; Gil Benard


Immunotherapy. 2013;5(8):879-893. 

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Innate Immunity & Immunosenescence

Despite the limited number of studies addressing the innate immunity aspects of immunosenescence, some functional and phenotypic aspects do appear altered in the elderly. The functional and phenotypic changes in neutrophils, monocytes/macrophages, dendritic cells (DCs) and NK cells that have been described with aging are summarized in Table 1.[13–25] Alterations, such as decrease in the antigen presentation capability,[21] impairment of phagocyte function,[17] altered cellular signaling[14] and cytokine release,[25] likely result in the slowing of the host response to infections and the well-known increased susceptibility to infections of the elderly.