Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators for BPH

New Factors on the Ground

M Garg; D Dalela; D Dalela; A Goel; M Kumar; G Gupta; S N Sankhwar


Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2013;16(3):226-232. 

In This Article


A PubMed search was conducted with the keywords 'estrogens in BPH'; 'selective estrogen receptor modulators'; 'tamoxifen in BPH'; 'raloxifene'; and 'phytoestrogens' to identify published articles on role of estrogens in BPH. The terms 'SERM in prostate diseases'; 'BPH pathogenesis'; 'estrogen receptors'; 'apoptosis in BPH'; and 'inflammation in BPH' were also searched out in PubMed. In addition, the 'related articles' search option on PubMed and references of relevant articles were also looked for with knowledge of experimental study done on same subject at our research center was utilized. At the end of literature research, the most relevant articles were selected for the discussion of role of SERMs in BPH in this review.