Social Support Strategies in Adult Patients With Diabetes

A Review of Strategies in the USA and Europe

Julienne K Kirk; Christine N Ebert; Ginger P Gamble; C Edward Ebert


Expert Rev Endocrinol Metab. 2013;8(4):379-389. 

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Expert Commentary

The current review indicates that the role of family and friends to aid in improving adherence among adult individuals with diabetes is challenging. Social support networks, nonphysician healthcare professional contact and/or the use of technology will continue to make strides in certain patients with diabetes. Some of the limitations of this review include the geographical area of literature, which only encompasses developed nations including the USA and Europe. Social support in patients with diabetes in developing countries is not addressed, so the generalizability must also be considered. In addition, social status, religion and other patient characteristics are not included. Further strategies are needed to delineate interventions that are best suited for individuals and family to facilitate social support when applicable.