Use of the Etonogestrel-Releasing Contraceptive Implant

Jaclyn Grentzer; Colleen McNicholas; Jeffrey F Peipert


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2013;8(4):337-344. 

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Expert Commentary

The ENG implant is an outstanding contraceptive option for almost all women. As stated earlier, effectiveness rivals tubal sterilization, yet the method is completely reversible. The key feature that allows for such high efficacy is the fact that the method is 'forgettable', and does not depend on patient adherence. The ENG implant is especially embraced by young women and adolescents. A pelvic examination is not necessary, and other than the local anesthesia, the insertion is painless and well tolerated. Continuation and satisfaction rates are very high with the ENG implant, with over 80% continuing the method at 1 year. It is extremely important to counsel all women considering the implant that irregular and unpredictable bleeding should be expected. The clinician should reconsider placement if the patient is not accepting of an unpredictable bleeding pattern.