Impact of Diabetes on 10-Year Outcomes of Patients With Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease in the Medicine, Angioplasty, or Surgery Study II (MASS II) Trial

Eduardo Gomes Lima, MD; Whady Hueb, MD, PhD; Rosa Maria Rahmi Garcia,MD, PhD; Alexandre Costa Pereira,MD, PhD; Paulo Rogério Soares, MD, PhD; Desiderio Favarato, MD, PhD; Cibele Larrosa Garzillo, MD, PhD; Ricardo D'Oliveira Vieira, MD; Paulo Cury Rezende, MD; Myrthes Takiuti, RN, PhD; Priscyla Girardi, RN, PhD; Alexandre Ciappina Hueb, MD, PhD; José A. F. Ramires, MD, PhD; Roberto Kalil Filho,MD, PhD


Am Heart J. 2013;166(2):250-257. 

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Among patients with stable multivessel CAD and preserved LVEF, the 3 therapeutic regimens had high rates of overall and cardiac-related deaths among diabetic compared with non-diabetic patients. Moreover, better outcomes were observed in diabetic patients undergoing CABG compared to MT in relation to overall and cardiac mortality in a 10-year follow-up.