The Supraorbital Margin of Japanese Who Have No Visible Superior Palpebral Crease and Persistently Lift the Eyebrow in Primary Gaze Is Higher and More Obtuse Than Those Who Do Not

Yoshito Mishima, MD; Kiyoshi Matsuo, MD, PhD; Shunsuke Yuzuriha, MD, PhD; Ai Kaneko, MD


ePlasty. 2013;13 

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The supraorbital margin of Japanese who have no visible SPC and persistently lift the eyebrow in primary gaze was higher and more obtuse than those who do not. The anatomical discrepancy between the vertical palpebral fissure and the height of the supraorbital margin appears to be solved. Because a developed LTL antagonizes opening and folding of the anterior lamella of the upper eyelid in Japanese subjects without visible SPC,[9] these individuals open their eyelids by persistently lifting the eyebrow, which may create the high-positioned round supraorbital margin. In Japanese subjects with visible SPC, the undeveloped LTL does not antagonize opening and folding of the anterior lamella,[9] and so they open their eyelids by folding the anterior lamella on the SPC without persistent lifting of the eyebrow, which may keep the supraorbital margin low-positioned and straight.