The Supraorbital Margin of Japanese Who Have No Visible Superior Palpebral Crease and Persistently Lift the Eyebrow in Primary Gaze Is Higher and More Obtuse Than Those Who Do Not

Yoshito Mishima, MD; Kiyoshi Matsuo, MD, PhD; Shunsuke Yuzuriha, MD, PhD; Ai Kaneko, MD


ePlasty. 2013;13 

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Average eyebrow height in 10 subjects without visible SPC (31.86 ± 2.49 mm) was significantly larger than that in 13 subjects with visible SPC (25.94 ± 2.32 mm) (Fig 3c) (P < .0001). The VD/HD quotients of 10 subjects without visible SPC were significantly higher than those of 13 subjects with visible SPC (Fig 2f) (P < .0001). Furthermore, these quotients correlated significantly with the angles between the horizontal plane parallel to the Frankfurt plane and that tangent to the orbital roof at the highest supraorbital margin for all 23 subjects (Fig 3c) (r = 0.925, P < .0001).