Breaking Barriers to Medication Adherence in HIV: An Interview With Robert Gross, MD

Robert Gross, MD; Shira Berman


August 05, 2013

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Learning From the Older Patient With HIV

Medscape: One of the final sessions at the conference focused on the management of older patients with HIV and the importance of identifying engagement challenges unique to this population.[12] Are there issues specific to medication adherence as well in this population?

Dr. Gross: It's interesting -- once we get past the problem of not testing older people for HIV, we find that they actually have higher rates of treatment success, higher rates of adherence, and lower rates of discontinuation.

This may have something to do with the stability of life as people get older. These patients are living much less chaotic lives. They are more likely to have established routines. And we already know that routines help patients stay adherent. Trying to help people establish routines and helping them find patterns in their lives is probably a good place to focus for younger patients who are struggling with adherence.

Everybody has some kind of pattern in their life. It might be harder and more challenging to find that pattern, but once you find it, you can link medication taking to it. That's something we can learn from the success of the older folks.