Prevalence and Causes of Abnormal Liver Function in Patients With Coeliac Disease

Giovanni Casella; Elisabetta Antonelli; Camillo Di Bella; Vincenzo Villanacci; Lucia Fanini; Vittorio Baldini; Gabrio Bassotti


Liver International. 2013;33(7):1128-1131. 

In This Article

Patients and Methods

We retrieved the clinical and laboratory data of all untreated CD patients in whom, during the period June 1997–May 2008, the aminotransferase levels were assessed, and further studies of liver function including testing for hepatotropic viruses, abdominal ultrasound and, where indicated liver biopsy were carried out in those with abnormal aminotransferase levels.

Also, we included patients with abnormal elevation of aminotransferase levels in whom the values were checked again after 1 year of GFD.

As this was a retrospective study, no individual patient identification was involved and no study-driven clinical intervention was performed; therefore, no ethical approval was necessary.