Do Breast Implants Affect Breast Cancer Survival?

An Expert Interview With Jacques Brisson, MD, DSc

Linda Brookes, MSc; Jacques Brisson, MD, DSc


July 17, 2013

In This Article

An Expert Interview With Jacques Brisson, MD, DSc

The Study

Dr. Brisson is senior author of:
Lavigne E, Holowaty EJ, Pan SY, et al. Breast cancer detection and survival among women with cosmetic breast implants: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. BMJ. 2013;346:f2399

About the Interviewee

Dr. Brisson is a Professor in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University, Quebec, Canada, and Director of the Epidemiology Graduate Studies Program at Laval University, where he also directs the evaluation team of the Quebec Breast Cancer Screening Program (Programme Québécois de Dépistage du Cancer du Sein). His research interests include fundamental research in cancer epidemiology, investigating the possible causes of breast cancer (diet, vitamin D and calcium, growth hormones, genetic polymorphisms), and applied research in the evaluation of breast cancer screening and treatments.


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