Will 2-Dose HPV Vaccine Yield Greater Compliance?

Maurie Markman, MD


July 10, 2013

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Hello. I am Dr. Maurie Markman from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I want to discuss a very interesting paper that appeared in JAMA,[1] titled "Immunogenicity of 2 Doses of HPV Vaccine in Younger Adolescents vs 3 Doses in Young Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial." This is a very important study, and although preliminary, it suggests the possibility that the HPV vaccine would be just as effective with 2 doses as with the current 3 doses that are administered routinely for very effective prevention of HPV infection.

It is recognized that one of the difficulties with HPV vaccination is that individuals have to come back 3 times, and in some populations that is quite problematic. Furthermore, being able to eliminate1 dose will reduce the overall cost, potentially putting it within range for people in certain societies where HPV vaccination is not possible today.

This randomized trial showed that 2 doses were not inferior in terms of the adequacy of the immunization compared with 3 doses, but the investigators very appropriately acknowledged that they need longer follow-up to be certain that the vaccination will persist as long with 2 doses as it does with 3 doses.

This is a very important analysis and one that needs to be followed very carefully. There is no question that HPV vaccination has had an enormously positive impact in reducing the necessary precursor for the development of cervix cancer, and that with a 2-dose approach the vaccine will be easier to administer and probably more effective. It will be easier to convince young individuals to take 2 doses rather than 3. This will improve outcomes by preventing this very important infection and subsequently reducing the risk for cervix cancer.

Thank you for your attention. I encourage you to read this very interesting paper.


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