Phytosterols, Red Yeast Rice, and Lifestyle Changes Instead of Statins

A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial

David J. Becker, MD; Benjamin French, PhD; Patti B. Morris, RD; Erin Silvent, BA; Ram Y. Gordon, MD


Am Heart J. 2013;166(1):187-196. 

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Phytosterol tablets did not improve lipoprotein levels when added to RYR in participants who either were intolerant of statins or had refused a physician's recommendation to take statin therapy. Subjects randomized to a lifestyle change program had significantly lower TC and LDL-C through week 24 and lost significantly more weight than participants in the UCG. All regimens were well tolerated and safe throughout the yearlong trial. In conclusion, a combination of RYR and lifestyle change may provide a therapeutic lipid-lowering option in patients who refuse statin therapy or have experienced SAMs. Phytosterol tablets did not improve lipoprotein levels and should not be added to RYR for lipid lowering.