A Ringed Fascia Lata Graft Without Peritendinous Areolar Tissue Encircling the Levator Veli Palatini and Superior Pharyngeal Constrictor Muscles Gradually Shrinks to Reduce Velopharyngeal Incompetence, Functioning as an Intravelar Palatal Lift

Kenya Fujita, MD, PhD; Kiyoshi Matsuo, MD, PhD; Shunsuke Yuzuriha, MD, PhD


ePlasty. 2013;13 

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A ringed fascia lata graft encircling the pharyngeal musculature combined with intravelar veloplasty and palatal lengthening with modified bilateral buccinator sandwich pushback appears to be a beneficial method to treat VPI due to deep and atonic nasopharynx. Further study is needed on the exact shrinkage rate of fascia lata graft without peritendinous areolar tissue.