The Risk of Radiation Exposure To Assisting Staff in Urological Procedures

A Literature Review

Tarun Jindal, MS


Urol Nurs. 2013;33(3):136-139. 

In This Article


A total of nine major studies were found in the English literature that addressed the issue of radiation exposure to the assistants and nurses. The studies, with their findings, are outlined in Table 2. PCNL was the most common urological procedure studied for the assessment of the radiation exposure. Only two studies assessed the risk of exposure during other procedures, such as ureterorenoscopy (URS), RGP, and stenting. One study addressed the issue of radiation exposure during ESWL. Some authors (Hellawell et al., 2005; Majidpour, 2010) mentioned organ-specific exposure, while others (Giblin, Rubenstein, Taylor, & Pahira, 1996; Kumari et al., 2006) calculated the whole body exposure.