The Risk of Radiation Exposure To Assisting Staff in Urological Procedures

A Literature Review

Tarun Jindal, MS


Urol Nurs. 2013;33(3):136-139. 

In This Article

Materials and Methods

The databases of major search engines, such as PubMed, Highwire Press, Scopus, and Google scholar, were searched with the key words radiation,urology, risk, recommendations,X-ray, and fluoroscopy. All major articles found were analyzed. Emphasis was given to the articles where assistants and nurses constituted a significant part of the study population. Details regarding the site of exposure, total duration of exposure, and the amount of exposure received, if available, were recorded.

The method of measurement of radiation exposure varied in the literature. The majority of the studies employed the thermoluminescence dosimetry for quantification of exposure. Thermoluminescence dosimetry uses chips impregnated with crystals that can be worn by medical personnel. These crystals absorb radiation, which can subsequently be measured to quantify the amount of personal radiation exposure. The studies reviewed in this article used variable units for the description of radiation exposure. To provide homogenous data to facilitate comparison between the studies, the amount of exposure received has been converted to μSv for all studies.