The Risk of Radiation Exposure To Assisting Staff in Urological Procedures

A Literature Review

Tarun Jindal, MS


Urol Nurs. 2013;33(3):136-139. 

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Recommendations for Radiation Exposure

The International Com mission on Radiation Protection (ICRP) recommends guidelines for radiation exposure. For medical personnel, it has been recommended that the exposure should not exceed 20 mSv per year. The maximum duration for which this level of exposure is allowed is 5 years, hence a maximal total body exposure over 5 years should not exceed 100 mSv. ICRP has also given organ-specific permissible limits for radiation exposure. The maximum permissible exposure recommended is 150 mSv for the eye and 500 mSv for the skin as well as the extremities. These values can be used for the subset of population whose specific organs are exposed to radiation rather than the whole body. ICRP also advocates the principle of "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA). The ALARA principle accepts that some amount of radiation exposure may be inevitable. ICRP recommends the radiation exposure should be based upon the principles of justification, optimization, and dose limitation. Measures should be taken to reduce the radiation exposure in the form of provision of shielding from radiation, limiting the time of exposure, and increasing the distance between the radiation source and the personnel. Therefore, a "reasonably" low level of radiation exposure should be attained. Medical personnel involved in radiation should be screened monthly or quarterly to quantify the radiation exposure, and the total exposure should not be allowed to exceed the annual permissible limits (Wrixon, 2008).