Nivolumab Continues to Deliver in Lung Cancer

An ASCO® Poster Brief

H. Jack West, MD; Julie R. Brahmer, MD


June 24, 2013

Will Nivolumab Wipe Chemo Off the Map?

Dr. West: Does any of the work on nivolumab give us any insight about which patients are more or less likely to be beneficiaries of the treatment?

Dr. Brahmer: All of the work with the PD-L1 expression on tumors gives us a hint about which patients might be more likely to respond, but it is unclear whether we will be able to pick out all of the patients who might do well with this sort of antibody. As time goes on, we are learning a lot more about how PD-L1 is expressed on tumors and how this interacts with tumor in a microenvironment, and all those factors are probably going to be important.

Dr. West: Finally, how do you see this therapy being used going forward? Will it be used in the first-line setting or second-line setting, alone or in combination with other therapies?

Dr. Brahmer: The first step is to compare it with a standard therapy, and two phase 3 trials are ongoing comparing nivolumab with chemotherapy head-to-head in the second-line treatment setting. This is our first step. It would be nice to be able to completely wipe chemotherapy off the map for a particular set of patients, at least up front, so we are looking at that in the first-line setting, but that is in very early phase of clinical development. Down the road, I hope to move this to either locally advanced therapies or even to the adjuvant setting to harness the immune system and try to prevent these types of cancers from coming back.


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