Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Breaking the Chain of Recurrent C. difficile Infection

Amy Marinski, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNL


Am Nurs Today. 2013;8(6) 

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Patient Preparation and Education

The notion of placing someone else's feces into one's body sounds unappealing—unless you've been suffering for month or years with recurrent CDI. Many patients are willing to try anything. For them, FMT is a welcome option. The goal of FMT is to reduce diarrhea frequency and decrease the infectious burden.

FMT usually is done in the inpatient setting. The physician explains the procedure to the patient and obtains informed consent. For 3 days before FMT, the patient is pretreated with oral vancomycin 125 mg three times daily; the drug is discontinued the day before the procedure. The patient receives a proton-pump inhibitor the evening before and morning of the procedure to reduce gastric acid in the stomach.

When providing patient education, be sure to include the FMT process, donor selection, and the method that will be used to instill the stool. Also teach the patient and family how to prevent spread of CDI at home, including proper hand hygiene with soap and water and use of bleach to clean environmental surfaces. Encourage the patient to notify all treating healthcare providers of their history and CDI treatment, and urge them to question any antibiotic prescription.