Evidence of Prescription of Antidepressants for Non-psychiatric Conditions in Primary Care

An Analysis of Guidelines and Systematic Reviews

Alain Mercier; Isabelle Auger-Aubin; Jean-Pierre Lebeau; Matthieu Schuers; Pascal Boulet; Jean-Loup Hermil; Paul Van Royen; Lieve Peremans


BMC Fam Pract. 2013;14(55) 

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Prescription of ADs was found to be useful for many non-psychiatric health conditions commonly encountered in primary care. Evidence against prescribing ADs was also found. The overall inconsistency of available information hindered precise assessment of the evidence. There remains much uncertainty as regards the role of prescribing ADs in therapeutic strategies, as well as the appropriateness and accuracy AD prescriptions. It is important to emphasise the difference between assessing the scientifically proven effect of an AD for a certain condition and the potential benefit of an AD at the right dose for a specific patient despite a lower level of evidence. Further studies are required to provide physicians more comprehensive knowledge and to improve patient care.