Long-term Effects of Hysterectomy

A Focus on the Aging Patient

Catharina Forsgren; Daniel Altman


Aging Health. 2013;9(2):179-187. 

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Sexual Function

Despite statements to the contrary,[95,96] consistent evidence suggests that the majority of women have unchanged or even improved sexual function 1–2 years after hysterectomy.[97–100] It has also been suggested that subtotal abdominal hysterectomy provides a better postoperative sexual function.[35] This notion was mainly supported by the fact that an internal orgasm is essentially a cervical orgasm, caused by stimulation of nerve endings in the uterovaginal plexus, and excision of the cervix may have an adverse effect on sexual arousal and orgasm.

However, this concept was refuted by a systematic review by Lethaby et al., which concluded that there was no evidence to support the notion that leaving the cervix was associated with improved sexual function.[101] Nonetheless, many of the long-term effects of hysterectomy on sexual function are still unknown.[23]