Controlling Serogroup B Invasive Meningococcal Disease

The Canadian Perspective

Julie A Bettinger; Shelley L Deeks; Scott A Halperin; Raymond Tsang; David W Scheifele


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2013;12(5):505-517. 

In This Article


With publically funded meningococcal immunization programs established in infants, children and adolescents, Canada is at the forefront of invasive meningococcal disease prevention. The advent of two new serogroup B vaccines that may protect against multiple disease-causing strains offers the potential to reduce endemic disease to very low levels in Canada. Canada likely will be one of the first countries with approval to use recombinant serogroup B vaccine. However, inclusion of these new vaccines into public immunization programs will be decided at the provincial/territorial level, rather than nationally, and may result initially in different immunization schedules throughout the country as we have seen with conjugate meningococcal vaccines. Such heterogeneous use and adoption of new vaccines complicates disease control, but may assist in evaluation of effectiveness. Minimally, it requires regionally specific information. In this article, the authors provide an overview of the Canadian epidemiology, serogroup B vaccine characteristics, potential strain coverage, immunization strategies and remaining postmarketing research questions.