Intramedullary Dermoid Cyst With Relatively Atypical Symptoms

A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Maryam Sanaullah; Sidra Mumtaz; Akhtar Amin Memon; Abdul Sattar Mohammad Hashim; Sanaullah Bashir


J Med Case Reports. 2013;7(104) 

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In conclusion, our case is unusual in relation to the absence of the classic features of dermoid cysts and with the atypical symptoms of fecal retention.

The patient presented to us six months after the initial complaint, with a misdiagnosis of spinal TB. Such a delay can progressively worsen the condition. Therefore, these cases need appropriate diagnosis, which should entail the critical evaluation of every case, and for histopathology and radiological examinations to be conducted to ensure the well-being of the patients. It is extremely important to be cautious during surgical resection of such tumors, as a rupture can lead to severe consequences.