Sleep Disorders: Can CAM Help?

Désirée A. Lie, MD, MSEd


May 10, 2013

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A Business Traveler With Jet Lag

Mr. A is a healthy, 57-year-old businessman who travels frequently. He is concerned about jet lag and delay in returning to his usual sleep patterns associated with his trips. He is reluctant to use sleep medications and wants to discuss alternatives to help him recover from jet lag.

Awake at Night and Sleepy During the Day

Mrs. B is a healthy, 68-year-old widow who lives alone. She has had frequent nocturnal awakenings and daytime sleepiness over the past 6 months. This is limiting her enjoyment of volunteer activities and outdoor exercise. She wishes to avoid medications and is asking your advice about using acupuncture to help her sleep.

On history, physical examination, and further testing, neither patient had evidence of acute psychological distress or psychiatric morbidity, or substance or alcohol abuse. Sleep apnea and secondary insomnia associated with medical conditions were also ruled out.

What do you suggest?