Ann L. Chou; Kimberly G. Yen, MD


May 10, 2013

Case Diagnosis

This patient's presentation and diagnosis are consistent with molluscum contagiosum, a cutaneous poxvirus infection of the skin.

A chalazion might present with erythema and swelling, and it would not have this pearly, mushroom-like appearance.

Milia are more commonly found in newborns, resolve spontaneously within several weeks, and would not produce the large nodule seen here.

Although early cases of molluscum contagiosum can appear similar to flat warts, the large size, globularity, and chronic nature of the patient's lesion make molluscum contagiosum the more likely diagnosis.

Disseminated cryptococcosis is typically found in immunocompromised patients.

Clinical Course

Because the left eyelid lesion had been present for a period of time and had not resolved, she was taken to the operating room for curettage of this lesion. She was referred to dermatology for management of the facial lesions.