Physical Activity During Life Course and Bone Mass

A Systematic Review of Methods and Findings From Cohort Studies With Young Adults

Renata M Bielemann; Jeovany Martinez-Mesa; Denise P Gigante


BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2013;14(77) 

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Findings from these studies show no consensus, but it seems that promoting sports involving high peak strain (e.g., team sports) among growth and young adulthood period would result in improvements in peak bone density. Therefore, sports promotion in public places such as schools is important to provide opportunities for physical activity for the population. There is also the need of promoting vigorous-intensity physical activity especially in the female group, since besides lower bone mass explained by hormonal differences between genders, physical activity may play an important role on reducing the risk of osteoporosis in women. A challenge for studies in the field of physical activity and health is to encourage the use of standard instruments and analysis strategies which enable more comparison between studies and pooled conclusions. Moreover, there is the need of birth cohort studies showing results of the effect on bone mass of physical activity since childhood, in addition to the need of carrying out studies in low and middle-income countries where activity patterns and ethnicity are different from the high income countries.