FDA issues second warning to consumers over supplements containing TRIAC

Shelley Wood

November 23, 2000

Rockville, MD - On the eve of America's biggest holiday feast, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a repeat warning to consumers about yet another weight loss supplement believed to harm the heart. On November 21, 2000, the FDA re-issued a consumer warning about dietary supplements that contain tiratricol (also known as triiodothyroacetic acid or TRIAC), "a potent thyroid hormone that may cause serious health consequences including heart attacks and strokes." The first FDA warning to consumers, released November 11, 1999, dealt specifically with a product called Triax Metabolic Accelerator, marketed as a dietary supplement for weight-loss purposes by Syntrax Innovations, Inc (Cape Girardeau, MO).

The most recent statement is especially directed at consumers who may have purchased and are still using products containing the substance, despite four recalls over the past seven months. Following the Triax recall, three additional products were identified as containing TRIAC and were pulled from the shelves:

  • Tricana Metabolic Hormone, by JNG Sports Supplement Distributors (Bloomsburg, PA) recalled April 6, 2000.

  • Tricana Metabolic Hormone Analogue, by Thermo-Life International (San Carlos, CA) recalled April 6, 2000

  • Tria-Cutz, Thyroid Stimulator, Dietary Supplement Capsules, by Gentech LLC (Edison, NJ) recalled April 11, 2000

"The FDA urges all individuals who may have purchased these products, or any product containing tiratricol, to stop using them immediately and, in addition, to consult their health care professional if they are experiencing any adverse effects, which may include insomnia, nervousness, sweating, and diarrhea," the FDA statement declares.


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