Topol Talks to Ferrara, $3M Breakthrough Prize Winner

; Napoleone Ferrara, MD, PhD


May 02, 2013

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Dr. Topol: What do you do when you're not making big discoveries and changing medicine? What do you do for fun?

Dr. Ferrara: Very simple things. I love traveling. I enjoy photography. I'm actually a little bit more and more involved in these things. I am a motorcycle aficionado, since the days when I was in Italy. This is a wonderful place for that.

Dr. Topol: Do you get out on the beach at all?

Dr. Ferrara: Not yet. Because I grew up in a beach town, this is essentially going back a little bit to my roots. But I've not yet had the opportunity to do so.

Dr. Topol: Well, it's wonderful to have you here in San Diego. What a fantastic addition. And I know the university is exceptionally proud, as they should be. It's been great to have this discussion with you and to learn about what got you to this exceptional point.

Dr. Ferrara: Thank you very much, Eric.

Dr. Topol: It's been fantastic to have a chance to visit with Napoleone Ferrara, one of the most model physician-investigators in the world. This has been a really fun Medscape One-on-One segment. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you, Napoleone.


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