Bret Stetka, MD; Andrew N. Wilner, MD


April 17, 2013

In This Article

Multiple Concussions/Persistent Impairment: Retirement From Play Decisions

The Basics

Professional athletes: Refer for neurologic and neuropsychological assessment

Amateur athletes: Perform formal neurologic/cognitive assessment, and offer risk factor counseling

Professional contact-sport athletes with chronic impairment: Recommend retirement

The Bottom Line

When determining whether retirement from play should be considered in professional athletes with a history of multiple concussions and persistent neurobehavioral impairments, LHCPs can consider referring for neurologic and neuropsychological testing. In amateur athletes with multiple concussions and continued impairment, formal neurologic and cognitive assessment tools are also recommended. This population of athletes should be counseled on the risk for developing chronic neurobehavioral or cognitive impairment. For professional athletes with chronic impairment who play a contact sport, retirement is recommended.