Bret Stetka, MD; Andrew N. Wilner, MD


April 17, 2013

In This Article

Preparticipation Counseling

The Basics

School-based professionals education

Inform athletes/families of concussion risk factors

Disseminate risk information to schools and athletic authorities

The Bottom Line

School-based professionals who may encounter SRCs should be educated by an experienced licensed healthcare provider (LHCP), defined by the guideline committee as "an individual who has acquired knowledge and skills relevant to evaluation and management of sports concussions and is practicing within the scope of his or her training experience." LHCPs -- including both sideline- and clinic-based clinicians -- should be designated by their organization as being qualified to accurately convey concussion risks to athletes and their families and should take it upon themselves to deliver this information. LHCPs can also facilitate providing concussion risk information to school systems and athletic organizations or authorities.