PAI-1 and t-PA/PAI-1 Complex Potential Markers of Fibrinolytic Bleeding After Cardiac Surgery Employing Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Agnese Ozolina; Eva Strike; Inta Jaunalksne; Angelika Krumina; Lars J Bjertnaes; Indulis Vanags


BMC Anesthesiol. 2012;12(27) 

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Taking into account the complexity of enhanced bleeding after cardiac surgery, it might be difficult to isolate one factor as the denominator of bleeding. Our investigation indicates that low plasma levels of PAI-1 preoperatively and of t-PA/PAI- 1 complex postoperatively, in parallel with increased plasma concentration of D-dimer can be useful predictors of fibrinolysis, and thus, of increased postoperative blood loss. Therefore, by including screening of fibrinolytic markers pre – and postoperatively, we might be able to identify patients with low fibrinolytic inhibitory potential who might benefit from antifibrinolytic therapy prior to cardiac surgery.