The Association Between Acetaminophen and Asthma

Should Its Pediatric Use Be Banned?

Antonio Martinez-Gimeno; Luis García-Marcos


Expert Rev Resp Med. 2013;7(2):113-122. 

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Five-year View

Most probably, the use of acetaminophen is going to decrease in the next few years from today's liberal use to a more limited one, but only when no other alternatives exist. Absolute banning does not seem possible or even adequate in the near future due to the lack of alternatives in some situations (newborns and infants below three months of age, intravenous use and ibuprofen contraindications such as ibuprofen intolerance and ibuprofen-associated serious gastrointestinal adverse events). This sharp decrease in population exposure to acetaminophen is likely to produce a measurable decrease in wheezing disorders prevalence and morbidity in childhood.