The Association Between Acetaminophen and Asthma

Should Its Pediatric Use Be Banned?

Antonio Martinez-Gimeno; Luis García-Marcos


Expert Rev Resp Med. 2013;7(2):113-122. 

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Expert Commentary

Too liberal use of acetaminophen in childhood should no longer be recommended. There is a good deal of evidence suggesting that acetaminophen exposure is associated to the development of wheezing disorders and may increase its clinical manifestations in those children who already suffer them. Although the possibility still exists that acetaminophen is actually an innocent bystander, limiting its use to clinical situations in which no other alternatives remain offers practicing pediatricians a great opportunity to decrease wheezing incidence and morbidity in childhood with this simple and low-cost measure. Meanwhile, regulatory agencies should do their part and seriously reconsider the safety profile of acetaminophen and promote new and more definitive clinical trials evaluating this limiting intervention.