12 Things Hospitalists Need to Know About Nephrology

Thomas R. Collins


The Hospitalist. 2012;16(12):1,34 

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One number alone should be enough for hospitalists to want to know everything they can about kidney disease: 26 million. It's the number of Americans that the National Kidney Foundation estimates to have chronic kidney disease (CKD). That's about the same number as the American Diabetes Association's estimate for Americans battling diabetes.

And a lot of people who have CKD don't even know they have it, kidney specialists warn, making it that much more important to be a knowledgeable watchdog looking out for people admitted to the hospital.

The Hospitalist talked to a half-dozen experts on kidney disease, requesting their words of wisdom for hospitalists. The following are 12 things the experts believe hospitalists should keep in mind as they care for patients with kidney disease.