Next-generation Sequencing

A Powerful Tool for the Discovery of Molecular Markers in Breast Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

Hitchintan Kaur; Shihong Mao; Seema Shah; David H Gorski; Stephen A Krawetz; Bonnie F Sloane; Raymond R Mattingly


Expert Rev Mol Diagn. 2013;13(2):151-165. 

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The Need for Novel Biomarkers in DCIS

Despite intensive research, robust biomarkers that would predict the risk of progression or recurrence of DCIS have not been discovered for screening patients. A comprehensive systematic review of studies on biological markers of DCIS over the past 10 years has been compiled by Lari and Kuerer.[106] They conclude that there is an unmet need to identify important markers in DCIS and that the study of biomarkers for DCIS is still in its infancy. Clinically useful biomarkers are difficult to define,[107] and the only two well-established biomarkers that have prognostic and predictive potential for breast cancer are ER status and Her-2 expression. On the basis of the expression of these markers, we can identify patients that will probably have worse or better outcome and select patients that will respond to therapy or treatment.