Emerging Protein Array Technologies for Proteomics

Jung-Rok Lee; Dewey Mitchell Magee; Richard Samuel Gaster; Joshua LaBaer; Shan X Wang


Expert Rev Proteomics. 2013;10(1):65-75. 

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Many different types of proteins arrays, such as antibody and peptide arrays, have been reported. In addition, new techniques are introduced to replace or enhance the state of the art. For example, bead-based assays appear to have surpassed planar arrays for multiplexed protein assays in terms of reliability and commercial success. However, MNP labeling and GMR sensors in combination have made great strides to create a reliable and sensitive planar protein array platform, which can be further scaled up and improved with the NAPPA technique. The great potential of emerging protein assay platforms for studying fundamental questions of proteomics, such as protein–protein interactions, is also apparent. Growing attentions have been paid to the role of protein arrays in medicine development. They can be used to detect diseases early, diagnose the stage of diseases, stratify patients and predict the efficacy of therapy, all of which are becoming more and more important for realizing the vision of personalized medicine.