The Right of the Donor to Information About Children Conceived From His or Her Gametes

Inez Raes; An Ravelingien; Guido Pennings


Hum Reprod. 2013;28(3):560-565. 

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Our analysis shows that gamete donors have good reasons to claim a right to certain types of information about the offspring conceived by their donations. Information about genetic disorders can be important for the donors' and their own children's health. Basic information about the offspring can also be regarded as an appropriate reward for their altruistic behaviour. Such information can also play a role in the enrichment of their identity by confirming their procreation. Moreover, general information about the child's wellbeing can be an important way to reassure concerned donors. Finally, it can be argued that a possibility to get in touch should be offered when all parties involved agree. While the provision of various degrees of anonymous information about the donor offspring should thus be considered, we have not found strong arguments in defence of a right to identifying information about the donor offspring.