Bad Judgment: Doctors Put THIS on Their Practice Websites?

Leigh Page


February 20, 2013


A medical practice's Website is supposed to attract patients, but items are sometimes posted there that drive patients away. This can happen when physicians try to break through the professional barrier and show their personal sides. They may bring up hobbies or politics, talk about popular culture, or post photos of themselves having fun.

Showing glimpses of your private life can be an effective way to humanize yourself, but this is tricky territory to navigate, and some physicians show bad judgment in this area. They may end up looking money-hungry, less caring, or provocative in their political views, which could alienate patients.

How damaging can these bad judgment calls be? We found 9 examples of questionable postings on practice Websites and asked for the opinions of consultants who help physicians protect their online reputations. Their verdicts were often divided, but in some cases they were unanimously thumbs-down. Read the examples and decide whether you agree.