Psoriasis and Susceptibility to Other Autoimmune Diseases

An Outline for the Clinician

Faisal R Ali; Richard B Warren


Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2013;9(2):99-101. 

In This Article


Future investigations will affirm the prominence of psoriasis as a disease impacting upon many systems, superseding its former status as a disease of the skin. As our understanding of the genetics of psoriasis and related autoimmune conditions grows, it becomes increasingly evident that some individuals are genetically predisposed to a plethora of phenotypically diverse autoimmune diseases. In the impending era of precision medicine, we envisage an environment in which therapies will be matched to an individual's genotypic or phenotypic signature to maximize efficacy and reduce the likelihood of toxicity. The dermatologists and internists of the 21st century will not only have to take care of dermatological manifestations of psoriasis, but also the associated malaises of other bodily systems.