Sex Hormones and HCV

An Unresolved Mystery

Radwa Y Mekky; Ahmed I Abdelaziz


Expert Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2013;7(1):69-75. 

In This Article


The disparate rates of viral clearance and response to therapy between HCV-infected males and females is still considered an unresolved mystery. Thus in an attempt to unravel this ambiguity, the authors highlight a plausible impact of sex hormones on viral behavior and on host factors affecting both IFN release and action. The scarce scientific studies addressing this issue hampered the comprehensive understanding of gender bias to this noxious viral infection. Consequently, the implementation of gender-specific medicine on HCV-infected patients is challenged. Thus it is considered particularly important to deeply investigate the precise role sex hormones on each specific step of the HCV life cycle.