Varicose Veins: Evaluating Modern Treatments, With Emphasis on Powered Phlebectomy for Branch Varicosities

Frank Vandy; Thomas W Wakefield


Interv Cardiol. 2012;4(5):527-536. 

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Although stab phlebectomy remains the gold standard for removal of varicose veins, the introduction of TIPP into the surgical armamentarium for varicose veins has allowed for shorter operative times and fewer stab incisions. The greatest benefit of TIPP is seen when an extensive phlebectomy is needed. In experienced hands, the benefits of TIPP may allow for improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. However, there has yet to be a trial comparing the modern TIPP technique to stab phlebectomy.

Initial bruising following the procedure is common and self-limiting. Postoperative bruising seems to decrease with both the use of the 4.5-mm serrated head on the resector hand piece and as the learning curve is conquered. The long-term cosmetic results are well accepted, as stab incisions leave small 2–3 mm scars and punch incisions heal as small freckles on the skin.