Persistent Inguinal Seroma Managed With Sprinkling of Talcum Powder

A Case Report

Javier Lopez-Monclus; Miguel A Garcia-Ureña; Luis A Blázquez; Daniel A Melero; Carmen Jiménez-Ceinos


J Med Case Reports. 2012;6(391) 

In This Article


Talcum powder sprinkling could be an effective, quick, and safe method for the treatment of inguinal seromas after inguinal surgery. It could be an alternative to conservative management in seromas refractories to conservative management. The technique described in this case can be easily reproduced and presents an extremely high cost-benefit ratio. From a theoretical point of view, its application as a prophylactic therapy for seroma formation should be investigated. Nevertheless, this is an isolated case report and larger series and randomized clinical trials are needed before assessing this technique as a treatment of choice.