Ovarian Dysgerminoma and Synchronic Contralateral Tubal Pregnancy Followed by Normal Intra-uterine Gestation

A Case Report

Lourdes Montesinos; Pedro Acién; Monserrat Martínez-Beltrán; María-José Mayol


J Med Case Reports. 2012;6(399) 

In This Article


We report the interesting case of a 24-year-old nulligravid woman who experienced the coincidence of left ectopic pregnancy and dysgerminoma in the right ovary. This raised important diagnostic challenges in view of the observation of a positive β-hCG test without detecting the ectopic pregnancy. A laparotomy with right adnexectomy and left linear salpingostomy were performed. Remarkably, our patient became pregnant spontaneously after surgery. The pregnancy occurred prior to starting chemotherapy, and the intra-uterine pregnancy was carried to term; later she also had another normal pregnancy. Our patient has done well without chemotherapy. We have not found any similar cases in the literature.