EM Innovations: New Technologies You Haven't Heard of Yet

Jason S. Zeller, MSIV


March 19, 2013

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Infrascanner 1000

The Infrascanner 1000 is a portable device that allows for immediate screening of intracranial bleeding. The scanner allows for knowledge of a brain bleed prior to CT and neurosurgical intervention, further leading ER docs to evaluation within the “golden hour.” It is especially helpful in the triage of patients with possible bleeds. The Infrascanner 1000 uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) by detecting hemoglobin in the brain using its light absorbing properties. The scanner is portable and linked via Bluetooth wireless to a PDA. The data is sent to the PDA allowing for further processing of the results. These results are immediate after placing the scanner on four locations on the head and comparing sides. This device is simply a screening tool! The company makes it clear that it is not a CT replacement; it is a quick way to determine immediate transportation to a trauma center for neurosurgical intervention.

Figure 2.

Infrascanner 1000

From the product page:

“The basic method for Hematoma detection is based on the differential light absorption of the injured vs. the non-injured part of brain. Under normal circumstances, the brain’s absorption should be symmetrical. When additional underlying extra vascular blood is present due to internal bleeding, there is a greater local concentration of hemoglobin and consequently the absorbance of the light is greater while the reflected component is commensurately less. This differential can be detected via sources and detectors placed on symmetrical lobes of the skull. The science of diffused optical tomography used by the Infrascanner™ enables the conversion of light differential data into interpretative scientific results.”

From product brochure:

“Infrascanner Detection Abilities:
Patient measurement is completed within 2-3 minutes.
Can detect hematomas greater than 3.5 cc in volume.
Detects hematomas up to 2.5 cm deep from the surface of the brain (or 3.5 cm from the skin surface).
Accuracy: In patients with Epidural, Subdural and Intracerebral hematomas: Sensitivity = 88% / Specificity = 90.7%”

This product is now FDA approved.