HIV Prophylaxis Following Occupational Exposure: Guideline and Commentary

Barry S. Zingman, MD


January 30, 2013

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Resources for Consultation

Persons who have responsibility for providing PEP may need expert advice and consultation, as well as assistance in helping their clients obtain medication.

The National Clinicians' Consultation Center PEP line at 1-888-HIV-4911 (1-888-448-4911). When using the PEP Line, providers from New York State should identify themselves as such.

For further education of health providers or for consultation regarding setting up PEP services, contact: CEI PEP, Testing and Diagnosis Center.

The NYSDOH AIDS Institute is a secondary resource for consultation and referrals. The Institute (1-212-417-4536) is open between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. At other hours, a NYSDOH operator at 1-518-465-9720 will connect the caller with the Department of Health Duty Officer who can refer the caller to an appropriate resource in his/her geographic area.

Appendix C provides information regarding employer issues and responsibilities.