Hepatitis C Virus Diversity and Hepatic Steatosis

P. Roingeard


J Viral Hepat. 2013;20(2):77-84. 

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Several studies have shown an association between steatosis and the progression of liver fibrosis and advanced liver disease in chronic hepatitis.[61] Virally induced steatosis does not seem to be associated with advanced stages of fibrosis and the association described in previous reports may essentially be due to metabolic steatosis.[62] However, the failure to identify unambiguously specific 'steatogenic' sequences in genotype 3 isolates from patients with hepatic steatosis suggests that there is no clear dichotomy between virally induced and metabolically induced hepatic steatosis. The overlap between the two forms of steatosis in chronic carrier of HCV may be greater than previously thought, and further studies are clearly required to improve our understanding of the relationship and molecular interactions between these two forms.