Hepatitis C Virus Diversity and Hepatic Steatosis

P. Roingeard


J Viral Hepat. 2013;20(2):77-84. 

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Other Potential Links Between HCV Genotype 3 and Hepatic Steatosis

In Western Europe, genotype 3 infection is more frequent in patients with a history of intravenous drug use (IVDU) than in nondrug users.[57] Moreover, alcohol abuse has been reported to be particularly frequent in patients with a history of IVDU.[58,59] Therefore, although this relationship is certainly not strict and remains speculative, these observations suggest that alcohol consumption may be associated with a HCV genotype 3 infection, at least in some patients. This is of potential importance, as ethanol metabolism also causes mitochondrial injury and is thought to act in synergy with HCV to produce ROS.[60]