Ovarian Endometrioma

Guidelines for Selection of Cases for Surgical Treatment or Expectant Management

Molly Carnahan; Jennifer Fedor; Ashok Agarwal; Sajal Gupta


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2013;8(1):29-55. 

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Following an extensive search for recent studies on ovarian endometrioma treatment ( Table 1 , Table 2 , Table 3Table 4 , Table 5 , Table 6 and Table 7 ), we found that the factors of ovarian reserve, laterality, size and hindering effects, and prior surgical treatment were used to help select patients for surgical treatment or expectant management to improve fertility outcomes. New and improved treatment options are being created, but more research reporting IVF and pregnancy rates is crucial to determine the most effective treatment in women with ovarian endometriomas.