A Nano-sized PARACEST-fluorescence Imaging Contrast Agent Facilitates and Validates in vivo CEST MRI Detection of Glioma

Meser M Ali; Mohammed PI Bhuiyan; Branislava Janic; Nadimpalli RS Varma; Tom Mikkelsen; James R Ewing; Robert A Knight; Mark D Pagel; Ali S Arbab


Nanomedicine. 2012;7(12):1827-1837. 

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In conclusion, the authors have developed a dual-modality imaging contrast agent that used a PAMAM dendrimer to carry a PARACEST agent and a fluorescent tag. The PARACEST and fluorophore agents were each unaffected by the other agents on the dendrimer. In vivo CEST MRI detected the agent in a glioma model but not in contralateral tissue, and the specificity of the agent for the glioma was validated with in vivo and ex vivo fluorescence imaging and fluorescent microscopy. The in vivo CEST MRI showed the macroscopic location of the tumor including the hypervascular rim, while fluorescence imaging showed the microscopic location of the agent in the tissues, which demonstrated that, the dual-modality contrast agent has utility at different spatial scales.