Tophi and Frequent Gout Flares Are Associated With Impairments to Quality of Life, Productivity, and Increased Healthcare Resource Use

Results From a Cross-Sectional Survey

Puja P Khanna; George Nuki; Thomas Bardin; Anne-Kathrin Tausche; Anna Forsythe; Amir Goren; Jeffrey Vietri; Dinesh Khanna


Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. 2012;10(117) 

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The impairment of HRQOL in patients with gout increases with the presence of tophi and the frequency of flares, even after adjusting for covariates. Gout symptoms are also associated with greater impairment in daily activities. Gout characterized by severe symptoms and signs (i.e., 3+ flares/year and tophi) imposes a substantial and clinically meaningful burden on the patient at least comparable to the impairment of HRQOL associated with other rheumatic diseases. These findings, across representative samples of patients in both the US and EU, highlight the different potential impacts of gouty tophi and flares and underscore the importance of effective management of this potentially curable condition.