Retinal Detachment Surgery

The Dilemma Between Personal Experience and Clinical Trials

Peter Walter


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2012;7(5):441-447. 

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Defining the Outcome Measure: Success in Retinal Detachment Surgery

Obviously the goal of retinal detachment repair is to reattach the retina. The patient however, does not care about anatomy. Success for the patient is that vision in macula-on detachments is preserved and that vision in macula-off detachments improved considerably. In addition, success for the patient means that those areas of the visual field he needs for daily life are restored. Another aspect of success is that these goals are achieved with only one procedure and that adverse events do not occur. Of course there are many more aspects of outcome after retinal detachment surgery. On the patient's side postoperative comfort, a short recovery time and no pain are important but also changes in refraction status, the need for later cataract surgery or other procedures. On the surgeon's side operating room time, resources and costs are important, among others.